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Digital Slit Lamp (YZ5S)
Digital Slit Lamp (YZ5S)
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Product Features

◆ Professional image capture media
DSLR camera, which is loved by professionals for its sensitive capture of light and color as well as its powerful and sophisticated adjustment function.
Real-time dynamic display, the 3-inch LCD shows the consultation process in real time, easily capturing a flash of images.

◆ Eye details at a glance
The digital slit lamp can not only clearly show the image of the ocular surface and the anterior segment of the eye, but also observe the situation of the posterior capsule of the lens, and even photograph the fundus lesion with the slit lamp front lens.
It can be directly connected to the printer (optional), which can be printed immediately.

◆Exquisite technology
The optical system is specially designed for the photography of the anterior segment of the eye, with a wide field of view, a clear and bright field of view, and a smooth appearance. 14 mm diameter spot, five-step magnification, 40 times magnification, detailed lesions can also be clearly visible.

◆ Clear image
With 24.2 million pixels, it can meet the nearly demanding requirements for images. You can see the details a little clearer and a little more clearly



 类型      带交角型双目镜筒的伽俐略放大型
 倍率形式     转鼓式5级变倍
 目镜      12.5×
 总倍率/视场直径    6×/∅33mm
 瞳距调节范围    55mm~75mm
 屈光度调节     -5D~+3D
 裂隙宽度     0mm~14mm连续可调(在14mm时,裂隙呈圆形)
 裂隙长度(葫芦孔)  1mm~14mm连续可调
 光斑直径     ∅0.2mm、∅1mm、∅2mm、∅5mm、∅10mm、∅14mm
 裂隙角度     0°~180°由垂直到水平方向连续可调
 裂隙倾斜     5°、10°、15°、20°四档
 滤色片     隔热片、减光片、无赤片、钴兰片
 照明灯泡     12V30W卤钨灯泡
 照明亮度     >120000lx
 前后移动     90mm
 左右移动     100mm
 前后左右微动    15mm
 上下移动     30mm
 上下移动     80mm
 固视背景灯       暖白色LED
 前置镜     -58.7D
 额定电压    AC 110V/60Hz 或220V/50Hz
 输入功率     ≤58VA
 输出电压     照明灯  0V~11.6V
固视背景灯  7.2V
 变压器热断路器    动作温度130°
 包装盒      720mm×495mm×480mm
 总重量      26kg
净重量      23kg

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