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Surgical Microscope (YZ20P6)
Surgical Microscope (YZ20P6)
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Product Features

Optical system
The lens adopts Schott glass, the optical system has strong resolution, clear image quality, rich contrast, and open and uniform field of view.
◆ Cold light source fiber optic illumination
The illumination system adopts cold light source fiber optic illumination, no damage to the tissue, sufficient and uniform illumination.
◆ Ultra-long arm extension
The microscope arm extension radius is increased to 1030mm, which enables the operator to operate in a larger range.
◆ Universal structure
Support up and down, left and right movements of the microscope head, with a wider range of application.
◆ Limit locking device
can play the role of limit protection for the horizontal arm in any position.
◆ Coaxial illumination
forming bright red light reflection from the fundus, which can clearly observe the posterior capsule of the lens and reduce the risk of surgery.
◆ Complex achromatic technology
Make the focus of different wavelengths of light closer behind the lens, eliminating color deviation and stray light, and the operator's field of vision is clearer.



瞳距最小调节范围 55mm~75mm
微调焦行程 ≥30mm
微调焦速度 ≤2mm/s
可配物镜 200mm、250mm、400mm
光路形式 单人双目
照明方式 6°+0°同轴照明
物面光斑直径 ≥37.5mm
变倍形式 手动
微调焦方式 电动调焦行程≥30mm
脚控 有,用于微调焦
功率 120VA
支架形式 立柱式
光学中心距 22mm
大物镜焦距 200mm 250mm(可选配) 400mm(可选配)
工作距离 190mm 240mm 390mm
总放大率 5.3×,8×,12× 4.3×,6.4×,9.6× 2.7×,4×,6×
数值孔径NA 0.0235~0.0348 0.0188~0.0248 0.012~0.0176
视场直径 5.3×-37mm 4.3×-46mm 2.7×-74mm
8×-25mm 6.4×-31mm 4×-50mm
12×-16.7mm 9.6×-21mm 6×-33.4mm

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