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Binocular indirect inspection glasses (YZ25B, foreign trade)
Binocular indirect inspection glasses (YZ25B, foreign trade)
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Product Features

◆ Advanced optical design to avoid reflection and wide field of view.

◆ ultra-light integrated design (only 320g), soft and comfortable headband, adjustable height and width at will.

◆ Equipped with +20D aspherical mirror, clear imaging.

◆ multi-directional adjustment of the locking knob and lighting control knob can obtain a comfortable viewing angle.

◆ The color filter and illumination reflector are built-in dustproof type, maintaining clear illumination and observation performance for a long time.

◆ Three kinds of color filters: no red, cobalt blue, colorless. Large (60mm), medium (40mm), small (20mm) light spot for different pupil sizes.

◆ Demonstration mirror, left and right two-way coated spectroscope, can be clearly synchronized observation.

◆ Eyepiece up and down fixation device, so that doctors use the process more convenient.

◆ Portable demonstration mirror, compact shape, easy to disassemble.

◆ 20D professional aspheric mirror with comfortable handfeel.

◆ Two kinds of scleral compressors with smooth surface to avoid tissue damage.



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