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Flattening ophthalmometer(YZ30R)
Flattening ophthalmometer(YZ30R)
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Product features

◆Measurement under a slit lamp microscope, both for eye examination and IOP measurement.
◆The measurement data is accurate, the error of the IOP meter itself does not exceed 0.066kPa (0.5mmHg).
◆The IOP value can be obtained directly without the need to check the table or have other conversion procedures, and Pt="P", i.e. lgPt-lgP0=0.56k, normal k=0.021; so Pt:P0=1.0281, so Pt increases by 2.8% compared to P0.
◆IOP values are not affected by ocular wall stiffness, resulting in a change in ocular volume of only 0.56 mm3.
◆ in combination with the Schiötz ophthalmometer measurement, it can be used as a calculation of ocular wall stiffness
◆The calibratable measuring pressure ensures the long-term stability of the ophthalmometer and the reliability of the results.

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