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Surgical Microscope (YZ20P5)
Surgical Microscope (YZ20P5)
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Product Features

◆The lenses adopt multi-layer coating technology to enhance the transmittance and prevent the occurrence of mildew.
◆ foot-controlled focusing, three-stage zoom, good depth of field and binocular fusion, which can meet the needs of cataract surgery.
◆Adopting the technology of compound achromatic aberration, so that the light of different wavelengths is close to the focus point behind the lens and the operator's field of vision is clearer.
◆The weight of the whole machine is only 41KG, the whole machine is light and small, especially suitable for mobile medical treatment.
◆It can be equipped with optional tabletop parts, and the whole machine is more lightweight; it can also be specially customized according to different surgical needs to meet the needs of various surgeries such as ophthalmology and ophthalmology.
◆The F250/F300/F400 objective lens is optional.



瞳距最小调节范围 55mm~75mm
微调焦行程 ≥30mm
微调焦速度 ≤2mm/s
可配物镜 200mm、250mm、400mm
光路形式 单人双目
照明方式 6°+0°同轴照明
物面光斑直径 ≥37.5mm
变倍形式 手动
微调焦方式 电动调焦行程≥30mm
脚控 有,用于微调焦
功率 120VA
支架形式 立柱式
光学中心距 26mm
大物镜焦距 200mm 250mm(可选配) 400mm(可选配)
工作距离 190mm 240mm 390mm
总放大率 5.3×,8×,12× 4.3×,6.4×,9.6× 2.7×,4×,6×
数值孔径NA 0.0235~0.0348 0.0188~0.0248 0.012~0.0176
视场直径 5.3×-37mm 4.3×-46mm 2.7×-74mm
8×-25mm 6.4×-31mm 4×-50mm
12×-16.7mm 9.6×-21mm 6×-33.4mm

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